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Desperados is a series widely known for its unique appeal and extraordinary gameplay. With Desperados 3, the series is getting a breath of fresh air, despite retaining the amazing Wild West location we know and love. In this title, you get access to 5 different characters, all of which are very interesting to play. The main idea with them is that they all have their own capabilities, some of them can do ranged attacks, others are better at close quarters attacks and so on. The cool thing about the game is that you always end up learning new things and you get to improve as time goes by.

Since this is a real time tactics stealth game, you will need to pay with a lot of attention if you want to win. It’s a very interesting game because you can be an assassin and disguise kills as accidental deaths. This is not a game where you rush and try to kill everyone, although you can do that if you want to. The more focus here is on making the gameplay more immersive, bringing in a creative set of ideas and constantly.

Desperados 3 Review and Gameplay
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The huge amount of freedom in the game is what really sets the tone and it does bring in front some amazing ways for you to express yourself. You can hide killed enemies and you can also track what the enemies see through cones of vision. So even if you can’t always eliminate enemies, you get to see their cones of vision, and that helps you prepare a lot better.

There’s a shutdown mode in the game that makes this more of an action game. You can chain up the squad action and coordinate a lot better. This makes it easy for you to share commands for the entire party, and that on its own can be quite intense and interesting to play through.

Desperados 3 is a prequel to the first game in the series. It takes place during the 1870s, and it does bring in some pretty interesting characters here. Each one has its own pros and cons, but it’s certainly a lot of fun and you will find yourself playing and enjoying the game more and more every time. It’s really interesting, and you always end up playing and having fun in a very creative manner. You will surely appreciate how varied the title is, since you have so many unique options to try out and use for yourself.

As a package, Desperados 3 is well above any other RTT game right now. It’s created by Mimimi Games, which is known for their RTT prowess, and with this new title they really stepped things up a notch. They managed to bring in a very intense set of game ideas, and it’s a whole lot of fun to play too. You should definitely consider giving Desperados 3 a shot if you like games focused on tactics and stealth. Yes, it’s not for everyone, but it’s a very exciting game if you have the patience to plan and strategize!


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