Fortnite might seem very overwhelming especially if you’re a beginner. But just because it seems tricky, that doesn’t mean the game really is like that. If anything, it’s super fun and interesting, and you should totally consider giving it a shot just because it’s so unique and different.

Pick the right landing area

You will notice that some landing areas are more crowded than others. Ideally you want to go in the semi-crowded areas, as these also tend to have pretty good loot. You need to make sure that you get really good loot, as that will help you get better at the game.

Practice mode

You can try out the practice mode and check out all kinds of attacks. This is also where you can place an emphasis on building stuff. Building is a very important part of the game, so you really want to make the most out of it and you will certainly enjoy the experience and the process itself, just try to use that to your own advantage.

Focus on your health

Get shields and medkits or bandages. You really need these if you want to stay alive in the game. Just try to use that to your own advantage and you will notice that results are very exciting because of that. Make sure that you always have some of these with you, just to be safe as it will certainly help a lot.

Try out multiple weapons

Each weapon has its pros and cons. Snipers are great for long distance shots. Shotguns are great for up close battles. Assault rifles are good for long distance and up close attacks too. And then you also have submachine guns, grenade launchers, crossbows and so on. Diversity is key in your arsenal.

Engage in early and often battles

The reason you want to do that is because you can get loot from others and they might have great loot. Plus, you will eliminate people in your area so you can loot yourself. It certainly comes in handy, so just try to take that into consideration and it will be a very good experience every time.

Use the replay system to study how you lost

Why is that important? You need to learn from mistakes, as that will certainly make you a much better player. You want to take your time, enjoy the experience and just have fun for a change. Just try to give that a try yourself and enjoy it, as it will help quite a bit.

Getting better at Fortnite is all about practice and trying to master all weapons. It might not feel like much at first, but if you do it right and you commit to the best experience, nothing can stand in your way. Just try to make sure that you always learn from mistakes and the more you do that, the better it will be in the end. It’s a great idea to try out numerous strategies and then adapt the way you can!


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