How to Get Better at Apex Legends


When you play Apex Legends, you will notice that this is an incredibly fun and exciting game for you to play. It’s intense, but a lot of fun, and once you play it you will want to enjoy it more and more. So you do need to check this one out, as it’s insanely fun and something very different for sure.

Talk with your team or use the guidance system

Apex Legends has a very good way to interact with the team. You have a system where you show people where to go and what they can do. You also have a way to request ammo and attachments. Communication with your team is pretty much mandatory if you want to win in this game, so the more you rely on that and focus on improving the process, the better it will be for you in the end.

Experiment with firing modes

The firing modes are great, and based on how you experiment with them, it can be very fun and interesting. Just make sure that you always charge shots when you want to do more damage. Even if the fire rate decreases, if you want a one-shot-kill, this will certainly come in handy.

Use balloons to reach destinations on the map

You want to do that because it makes your gameplay experience better. And you can avoid open spaces, you just slide to the destination. Since every character moves at the same speed (aside from Octane’s boosted ability that has to recharge), you won’t have an advantage from one over the other. So using balloons helps a lot.

Get legendary gear

This will lower the cooldown many times, the armor can regenerate, the backpack will cut the time needed to heal in half and so on. Every tiny detail matters here, and the more you focus on it, the better it will be in the end.

Try to find hidden robots

They tend to have very good loot. That’s good especially in the beginning when you lack good loot, so try to consider that and you will be fine. We recommend you to keep your ears focused on the specific robot sounds, that will guide you to their locations.

Experiment with legends

Each legend comes with his/her own set of abilities and ultimate capabilities. You really need to test them out the best way that you can and you will find that results are always exciting and rewarding. Just try to use that to your advantage and the experience itself will be really impressive.

Rest assured that Apex Legends is a lot of fun to play and there are many strategies and ideas for you to explore. Just consider checking it out and try a variety of play styles and ideas. Once you do that, it will become more and more fun. Just commit to it and enjoy the experience, it will be a great one in the end! Plus, every season comes with new legends and new content, so test that out too!


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