Fortnite has a plethora of skins for its players to choose from. Frankly, to say, there are just too many skins in Fortnite. And, sometimes, too many choices can overwhelm the players. And since only a handful of skins are available at one time. Players can’t check each and every skin and choose the best one for their showboating finale.

If you are one of these players who want to win the Fortnite Battle Royale in style, then you are at the right place. Here, we have compiled some of the best skins in Fortnite, in no particular order, that will not only look amazing but will also add more flare to your play style.

  • Raven
Fortnite Raven skin

Raven is one of the early bird skins. It was first introduced quite early when the game was still in its season 3. For Goth, dark theme loving players, this is the best skin, in my opinion. The purple glowing eyes, with the hooded face, is perfect for scaring your enemies away.

  • Love Ranger
Fortnite Love Ranger skin

Holding the key to our hearts, Love Ranger is a part of the Hearts Set that becomes available every valentine. If you are looking to pierce some hearts with your Boom Bow, then this skin will make you look the part. But unlike the cupid, you would be dancing on the corpses of your foes after you win the Battle Royale. This one is quite a deadly combination, in my opinion.

  • Black Knight
Fortnite Black Knight skin

Introduced as the reward for players that reached level 70 when Fortnite was going through its season 2. The Black Knight is an excellent skin that, when it becomes available, you should need to add it to your wardrobe

  • Tricera Ops
Fortnite Tricera Ops skin

The casual dinosaur style Tricera Ops may not have the best stitching, but it does have the style. Designed for rebellious souls, Tricera Ops is a rare skin that has appeared in the shop only a few times.

  • Sentinel
Fortnite Sentinel skin

For Mecha and chicken loving simple folks, Sentinel is a two in one package that combines their favorites. This skin will make anyone regret calling you a chicken. Sentinel is available as the Tier 1 prize in Fortnite Season 9.

  • John Wick
Fortnite John Wick skin

If you want to kill opponents in true style, then this skin was made just for you. John Wick not only has the tact, but it also carries the flare. This skin was released as a special limited-time bonus for John Wick’s event. If you missed it, wait for the skin to roll back, and most limited-time skins do.

  • Skull Trooper
Fortnite Skull Trooper skin

The reaper of the night, Skull Trooper, will remind you of Halloween if you don’t miss it already. The skin was released during some of the first Fortnite seasonal events, and then it disappeared for an entire year, making it rare and perfect for your Halloween play.

  • Drift
Fortnite Drift skin

In Drift’s case, appearance can be deceiving. The skin looks simple, but let it fool you.  It slowly evolves as you level up, and the fully unlocked Drift looks incredible. The skin was available as the tier one award for season 5 in Fortnite. Although not currently available, if it ever does, Drift is a fantastic addition to your skin collection.

  • Dark Voyager
Fortnite Dark Voyager skin

For those style adventurers, Dark Voyager is among the most aesthetically pleasing skins you can get in Fortnite. Dark Voyager was available quite early on, it was the Tier 70 award for Season 3 and is the most sought after skin from the space explorers set.

  • Omega
Fortnite Omega skin

And finally, no top 10 Fortnite best skins list is complete without the Omega. Omega is the rarest skin in Fortnite and, if you have unlocked this skin fully, you are considered OG in the game. Omega was available as the tier 100 award during Fortnite’s season 4 and was an immediate hit. It’s so much loved that, players are still waiting for the skin to make an appearance in the store.


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