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Although dubbed the “Overwatch killer”, Valorant has more in common with CS:GO than with any other FPS game and, following the same 5v5 match style, it’s no secret that Riot Games wants Valorant to compete with Valve’s Titan.

With modern and appealing graphics, along with game mechanics similar to Overwatch, Valorant has managed to catch everyone’s eye in its execution thus far, and promises more to come!

If you, just like everyone else, want to start playing Valorant but don’t know where to start, then you are at the right place. I have put together some points that are essential to Valorant’s in-game mechanics and will help you get your next win! That said, if you already know the game inside and out but want to ensure you get to the divison you want stress-free, you can always check out a Valorant boosting service!

So, cutting to the chase, here we go!

Don’t run, walk!

Running in Valorant is loud, and while it gives away your location, shooting as you run can be a nightmare. Because, in Valorant, the accuracy of the gun is entirely dependent on your movement, so learning how to shift walk while playing is ideal. The game prefers subtle movements and a steady aim, and while it may sound simple, Apex Legends and Fortnite players will have to go through a learning curve because of this mechanic and have to slow themselves down for Valorant.

Learn to pre-aim

Valorant rewards head-shots like no other and, while getting the first hit is essential; most players lower their aim while scouting for enemies. This wastes precious time amidst a face-off, resulting in death instead of getting a kill.

So, try to pre-aim at the right height, where you think the enemy’s head will be, to get that head-shot for an immediate kill.

Cover the corridors with abilities

There is nothing worse than turning around a corner, only to get shot. While aiming around the corners is important, Valorant’s characters have a specific set of abilities that you can use to save yourself from that one kill shot.

I especially like Phoenix’s curveball to temporarily blind opponents or, if you want to be extra safe, going with Breach for his Aftershock ability to damage your opponents through walls is also a good bet!

Communicate with your team

I know trying to talk to your teammates when you are just in a random squad is quite the chore, but the importance of having a game plan should never be underestimated. Having your squad on the same page from the start could not only save you from a bad headache, but it can also help you improve your gameplay in more than one way.

Valorant is a team game and you do need to communicate, support and work with other players, especially since everyone on your team has the same goal, and that is to win. So, try your best to communicate, and if you can’t talk, then use the ping system. Use anything; just get your intentions across and try to have a good game.

Spend your credits right

Valorant follows a similar currency system as CS:GO – you can buy weapons and armor in the shop. But, my word of advice here is, think about what you need to get. Going in blind, hoping to buy whatever you can get can be devastating for a team play.

So, having a talk beforehand with your team, as mentioned in the previous point, and going through an economy round to save some Credits and buy better weapons and armor for the next one can be the deciding factor between winning and losing in Valorant.

In Conclusion:

Valorant is new and its strategies are still developing, but the many similarities to the decades-old Counter-Strike pay off when it comes to getting used to Valorant, as it’s making it a lot easier to understand. On top of that, general FPS strategies work great with Valorant as well, so don’t throw those out the window once you get a match. There is also a lot of innovation, but it is just enough to make the game more challenging and fun to play.

So, these are 5 of my Valorant tips and tricks for players that want to get onboard and play the next big thing and why not, maybe even go pro in it!


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